16 Apr 2015

Milo Ventimiglia Debuts His Disturbing Serial Killer Character “The Ogre” on Gotham: Gilmore Girls Star Says “I Just Kind of Played Myself”

Jess Mariano, is that you? Gotham fans might have recognized a familiar face during the Monday, April 13 episode, when Gilmore Girls and Heroes alum Milo Ventimiglia made his debut as the eerily calm serial killer “The Ogre.”

Though the Ogre hasn’t appeared in the Batman films, he is a big villain in the DC Comics series. In the comics the Ogre is a genetically altered man who is used as an experiment, but on the superhero Fox series, he’s a charismatic serial killer.

“He’s a guy who’s preying on women,” Ventimiglia, 37, told FOX 11 Los Angeles on April 13. “As an actor, I try to find something to identify with the guy. He’s just looking for love. But the way he’s looking for it is the most deplorable way. He’s looking for a love that is unconditional, but he really pushes past the line of what unconditional is.”

That’s putting it lightly. Ventimiglia’s character chains up women and forces them to cook and care for him. When their care isn’t to his liking, he murders them, leaving a broken heart at the scene of the crime.

“I’m sure there’s going to be a couple fans who are like, ‘I don’t care, come kill me!’” the swoon-worthy star joked. “I played him very sincere and very earnest… Is it wrong to say I kind of played myself for a minute? No, no, not a serial killer, just charming and sincere. He really does want to find that girl and then there’s a switch that flips.”

Teen drama fans might also be excited to learn that the actor who played Rory Gilmore’s love interest is pals in real life with The O.C. alum and Gotham star Ben McKenzie.

“He’s my buddy, yeah,” Ventimiglia said of the former Ryan Atwood. “We’ve known each other a bunch of years.”

Gotham airs Monday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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