20 Jun 2009

Hi again, as some of you know Milo among Kellie Pickler we’re the winners for PETA’s Poll Sexiest Vegetarian, here is one of the articles, I also made a gallery update adding some of the recent Public Appearances of Milo as well as Candids, more updates to come so stay tuned ^^

Exclusive: Kellie Pickler, Milo Ventimiglia are sexier vegetarians than Michael Ausiello
Jun 15, 2009 | by Annie Barrett

PETA has revealed to EW the winners of its Sexiest Vegetarians Poll: American Idol’s Kellie Pickler and Heroes’ Milo Ventimiglia. Runners up for the women’s category included Robin Quivers, Ellen Degeneres, and Portia de Rossi, and on the men’s side: Owain Yeoman, Horatio Sanz, Mark Ruffalo, and…wait for it…trust me, I’m not buying it either….Michael Ausiello. Look at him over there, gritting his teeth. He just can’t stand it.


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