04 May 2009

A few months ago, I made a post requesting some assistance with raising funds so I could be a part of the International Scholar Laureate Program’s delegation.  Since making that original post, I have decided that I will be going to China.  The trip is 11 days long and will be an amazing opportunity.  Thanks to family, friends, a couple local businesses, and the very kind donations of a few of my loyal visitors – I’ve been able to raise nearly enough money to go.  The final payment of the $5260 needed is due a week from now and thanks to an unfortunate issue with my water heater, I am just over $200 short.  So I am once again putting the request for help out there.  If you can donate, even a very small amount, please send me an email at fansites@hotmail.com  Every little bit will help!

by Lisa | Category: Other