14 May 2008

Milo was at the NBC Universal Experience on 12th May. I added a few pictures to the gallery.


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Appearances & Events> 2008 > The NBC Universal Experience – 12th May

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11 May 2008

We apologise for the lack of updates. Both Melanie and I have been busy! Anyway, we updated the gallery today with some recent pictures of Milo.

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Appearances & Events> 2008 > British Academy Television Awards – 20th April
Appearances & Events> 2008 > LG Electronics’ Launch Party of the Scarlet HD TV Series – 28th April

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21 Apr 2008

Milo Ventimiglia has admitted he and his friends make fun of his status as a sex symbol.

Speaking at the BAFTA Television Awards after Heroes picked up the Best International Show prize, the actor said he finds “humour” in his heartthrob image.

“My friends make fun of me a lot more nowadays because of it. I’m just a normal guy with a day job like anybody else to them,” he said.

“When you get magazines saying, ‘Hey, that guy’s sexy’ or people scream it from their cars as they’re driving by – my friends and I find a lot of humour in it.”

Ventimiglia’s co-star Adrian Pasdar, who plays his brother Nathan Petrelli on the hit show, said he found it “silly” that people think of him as sexy.

Ventimiglia disagreed adding: “It’s not so silly. I get to stand close to him in every scene we do and we’re always touching. He is a sexy man.”

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19 Apr 2008

Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia is to feature in a series of comic books.

The actor, who plays Peter Petrelli in the NBC drama, has signed a deal with Devil’s Due Publishing to create a four-issue miniseries called Rest.

He and producing partner Russ Cundiff will develop the books via their Divide Pictures company, with Mark Powers (Drafted) attached to write them from a story by Mike O’Sullivan.

The issues will focus on the dangers of staying awake as the Ventimiglia-inspired central character becomes embroiled in a conspiracy between a malevolent pharmaceutical firm and the US government.

The project will be unveiled at New York’s Comic-Con today and published in the autumn.

If successful, the books may be made into a TV show or movie, reports Variety.

Ventimiglia can currently be seen in medical thriller Pathology.

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19 Apr 2008

Milo has recently been to “MTV’s TRL” and “Conde Nast Traveler Celebrates 8th Annual Hot List Party”. We have added pictures to the gallery.


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19 Apr 2008

Milo appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night, unfortunately we didn’t know about it prior so we don’t have screen captures or video, but here’s a YouTube of the interview. If anyone can please send us a video, we’d really appreciate it!

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19 Apr 2008

Milo’s new movie, Pathology is in theatres now so be sure to check it out! Milo co-stars with Charmed alumna, Alyssa Milano in the movie, which is on limited release.

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16 Apr 2008

HEROES star MILO VENTIMIGLIA has abandoned his dream of becoming a fighter pilot, after a vomit-inducing session in the skies.
The actor spent time with the Air Force Reserves during the recent Writer’s Guild of America strike, fulfilling a childhood ambition in the process.
He says, “There were three options: one I wanted to be an actor, two I wanted to be a doctor, and three I wanted to be a fighter pilot.”
But it didn’t end well for the star: “It’s amazing to see what those pilots do. But I got sick. There’s a before and after picture of me – before I went up and after I came down – looking crooked.”

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