28 Jun 2011

Milo Ventimiglia’s emo hair was as memorable as Claire’s cheerleading uniform on “Heroes” — but now he’s gone and buzzed it all off!

The actor 33-year-old actor was spotted on the set of his new movie with Leighton Meester today in Boston, where he showed off his new ‘do while dressed in a military uniform — and we’re really liking the look.

Meester, who’s also rocking different locks these days, and Ventimiglia are co-starring in “I Hate You Dad,” which is set to come out next year.

What do you think of Milo’s close cut? Check out the gallery above to vote on whether you like his hair better long — plus vote on other shorn stars, including Justin Timberlake, Tom Cruise, Ashton Kutcher and more!


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28 Jun 2011

A new clip from the anime series featuring the Marvel Comics character is released, this time also giving us to see the performances of Milo Ventimiglia and Adrian Pasdar as the voice stars.

Iron Man Anime follows Tony Stark, who goes to Japan to produce a new arc station and showcase the Iron Man Dio, a new prototype armor, that will replace him when he retires. However, the Dio goes out of control and it is up to Tony as Iron Man to stop it along with an organization called the Zodiac.

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28 Jun 2011

Its been an all-star week in Brookline, MA.

On Tuesday, Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Leighton Meester, Will Forte, and Milo Ventimiglia began filming I Hate You, Dad at 328 Walnut St in Brookline.

The scenes they are filming are taking place in and around a church and appear to be a family gathering (maybe they are related to a rehearsal party, since Samberg and Meester’s characters are engaged in the movie). And, based on their costumes, it looks like that Sandler’s character (he plays Samberg’s dad) isn’t fitting in too well with the in-laws.

One of our readers, Jill C., sent us a few photos she took on the set yesterday where we can see the actors hanging out between scenes (we think Milo’s the one in uniform, playing Leighton’s brother in the film).


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04 Jun 2011

Milo Ventimiglia has joined the cast of the upcoming comedy I Hate You Dad, according to Variety.

The film is about a “father (Adam Sandler) who moves in with his son (Andy Samberg) and his fiancée (Leighton Meester) on the eve of their wedding, only to immediately start feuding with the bride-to-be.”

Susan Sarandon also joined the film as Adam’s sexy teacher who slept with him when he was a teenager and wound up giving birth to Andy’s character.

Milo plays “a menacing Iraq War veteran who has an overly loving relationship with Leighton, who plays his sister.”

I Hate You Dad is scheduled for release on June 15, 2012.

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27 May 2011

Milo was voted #15 in the top 25 of actors with Geek Appeal by Nerdage. Check the other actors and actresses out here.

Perhaps best-known as Peter Petrelli on the now-cancelled NBC series “Heroes,” actor Milo Ventimiglia isn’t done being a superhero — he’s the voice of Logan on the new G4 animated series “Wolverine,” based on the Marvel comic.

Variety recently reported that Sony online viewing service Crackle was considering Ventimiglia’s ”Strand Street,” about a rookie  cop gone undercover in his hometown.

Ventimiglia’s The Divide recently played the Edinburgh Film Festival, and Ventimiglia also has roles in the upcoming “Static” and “Criminal Empire for Dummies.”

Ventimiglia’s partnership with publisher Top Cow, through his Divide Pictures, produced the miniseries “Berserker” and the collection of the comic-book series “Rest,” which at one point was under development from NBC.

– Matt Price

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29 Apr 2011
Thanks to G4 we now have a 3-minute clip from the Marvel Television’s “Wolverine” anime, which will be coming to the channel in July. Check it out below.

In the clip, called “Welcome to New York,” Logan uses his claws to come to the aid of Agent Asano and deals with a bunch of AIM goons on the rooftops of New York. Milo Ventimiglia (Rocky Balboa, “Heroes”) voices the title character in the series, which revolves around Logan clawing his way through Japan’s criminal underworld.

Meanwhile, Peter Petrelli (“Heroes”) will lend his voice to the character of Tony Stark in the “Iron Man” anime series, which sees Stark travel to Japan and battle the evil Zodiac Organization.

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25 Apr 2011

And also, here are the captures of “Order Of Chaos”. I also added caps of the dvd features to the gallery. Check them out via the links below.

–  [2009] Order of Chaos > DVD Menu’s
–  [2009] Order of Chaos > Featurette
–  [2009] Order of Chaos >Screencaptures

DVD_Menu_1.JPG  DVD_Menu_3.JPG  Captures0019.jpg  Captures0015.jpg

Captures0026.jpg  Captures0059.jpg  Captures0358.jpg  Captures0479.jpg

Captures0582.jpg  Captures0618.jpg  Captures0670.jpg  Captures0699.jpg

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