24 May 2010

Just last week, we heard the news that Heroes was canceled by NBC. This put the cast of Heroes out of work. Many have done movies as well, so I’m sure this cancellation won’t make it the last time we see at least some of our Heroes.

One is even hard at work filming a new project right now! That star is Milo Ventimiglia. He has done a few movies over the years, and his next – a thrilled called The Divide – is set for release at some point in 2011. Production is still on-going, but the first teaser trailer for The Divide hit the net on Friday. This one is an apocalyptic thriller set in New York City after a nuclear blast. The group is then locked in the shelter they take refuge in, and they have to fight for their lives!

Check out the new teaser trailer below. What do you think? Will you be heading to theaters to check out The Divide?

by Aniek | Category: News & Announcements,Projects