Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and is represented by the crab. Cancer is ruled by the moon which makes Cancerians moody like the various phases of the moon. Like the moon responds to the cyclic and rhythmic rise and fall of tides, Cancerians respond to life’s ebb and flow. The element for this sign is water.

This astrology symbol’s biggest strength is the ability to nurture others. They are very compassionate and caring which endears them to their family and friends. They are fiercely loyal. They can appear hard on the outside but this harsh exterior holds a soft and sensitive core that makes them special. Cancerians can be rather clannish towards their family or group.

Cancerians are the most psychic of the signs. They show a remarkable psychic sensitivity, memories and receptivity to emotional impressions. They can vividly recollect their dreams and often tend to develop an interest in the occult which they move towards naturally.

Cancerians have a flair for coming up with innovative solutions to problems. Their talent for lateral thinking can make them great marketers. They also have artistic talents and a wonderful imagination. They do not take decisions quickly and tend to vacillate between various courses of action before they finally decide on one based on their own logic. Their approach towards unpleasant issues is to avoid them rather than direct confrontations.

Negative Traits

One of the prominent negative traits of Cancerians is jealousy. They are highly insecure beings whose major attitude to life is seeking security in the home and in relationships. People of this zodiac can be lethargic to the point of acute laziness. They hate discipline in any form and generally tend to be chaotic and unorganized. They can appear to be a bundle of contradictions reserved and withdrawn one moment and the vibrant centre of attraction the next!

Cancer Compatibility
Cancerians are the most compatible with Pisces and Taurus. In love, they are committed and seek warmth and intimacy. They tend to look for a slow, smouldering relationship. They are devoted to their partners and are protective of them. Deeply emotional and sentimental, they can be quite romantic. They are ideal family people who love the home and hearth dearly. They can never have enough of love showered on them and constantly crave for more.

Lucky Colour: Sea Green
Lucky Numbers: 3, 7