19 Oct 2010

Milo Ventimiglia’s (Jess Mariano on Gilmore Girls) talked with Comic Book Resources about his comic book, Rest, which is a great read if you like comics. However, what I want to bring out is the BEST news of all! 

When asked if Milo Ventimiglia would consider being in a Gilmore Girls movie, this was his response;

“You know what? I would. If they made a “Gilmore Girls” movie, I’m in. If they ever made a “Gilmore Girls” movie, I think that would be awesome.”

We think that would be awesome too, Milo. One more chance to see Jess!! How do you think Jess could be involved in a potential Gilmore Girls movie??

Source: Gilmore Girls News

by Aniek | Category: News & Announcements