27 Aug 2008

Milo Ventimiglia wants to play Robin in a new Batman film.

The 31-year-old actor — who is dating his Heroes co-star Hayden Panettiere — is desperate to play the caped-crusader’s famed sidekick if the part should come up in a future outing to Gotham City.

He explains, “I always thought I would make a great Robin.

“I would love to be Christian Bale’s sidekick in Batman. Even when I was younger I never wanted to be Batman.

“I have always wanted to be Robin. To this day I still think that would be pretty cool.”

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that 62-year-old singer Cher won’t be playing Catwoman in a third Christopher Nolan-directed Batman film.

A spokesman for Warner Bros. said that reports the Believe hitmaker would be joining a cast including Johnny Depp as the Riddler “are untrue.”

by Hayley | Category: News & Announcements