06 Mar 2008

 While Hayden Panettiere is eager to move into an apartment with her boyfriend of just a few months, Milo Ventimiglia is calling himself single. In the upcoming issue of Cosmo, Milo tells the reporter he’s been single for a year. Here’s a snippet:

Cosmo: Do you get nervous on dates?
Milo: Yes. I’ve been single for a year and a half. It’s tough being witty for two hours.
Cosmo: Have friends tried to set you up?
Milo: Yeah, someone thinks you’d look “cute” together, but you share no interests and become combative. You just wish you were home, scrubbing your toilet.

That can’t be good for Hayden’s self esteem! Maybe he’s just messing with Cosmo, because they look like quite the couple lately. And he doesn’t appear to dreaming about scrubbing his toilet.

Source: HollyScoop.Com

by Hayley | Category: News & Announcements