23 Apr 2010

Milo has put together a video to support Free Comic Book Day, which will happen on May 1st. On that day, comic shops around the world will give away comics for free. Milo is supporting this effort and how comics help with literacy.
As many of you know, Milo is involved with a comic series, Berserker, which he discussed recently with USA Today.

Ventimiglia has a guiding principle for his creative involvement in Berserker. “We’re trying to give the fans what they want. I’ve been a comic book reader since I was 8 years old, so I get it. When I look at the work that Rick and Jeremy are producing, I think to myself ‘would I want to read something like that?’ ” He adds, “We’re just aiming to create something that real comic fans love.”

Issue #5 of Berserker just came out at the end of March.

by Aniek | Category: Beserker,News & Announcements