27 May 2011

Milo was voted #15 in the top 25 of actors with Geek Appeal by Nerdage. Check the other actors and actresses out here.

Perhaps best-known as Peter Petrelli on the now-cancelled NBC series “Heroes,” actor Milo Ventimiglia isn’t done being a superhero — he’s the voice of Logan on the new G4 animated series “Wolverine,” based on the Marvel comic.

Variety recently reported that Sony online viewing service Crackle was considering Ventimiglia’s ”Strand Street,” about a rookie  cop gone undercover in his hometown.

Ventimiglia’s The Divide recently played the Edinburgh Film Festival, and Ventimiglia also has roles in the upcoming “Static” and “Criminal Empire for Dummies.”

Ventimiglia’s partnership with publisher Top Cow, through his Divide Pictures, produced the miniseries “Berserker” and the collection of the comic-book series “Rest,” which at one point was under development from NBC.

– Matt Price

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