30 Mar 2011

Milo Ventimiglia’s sat down for his third photoshoot with Prestige Hong Kong magazine – some of the photos are actually self-portraits by Milo himself. He also sat down for an interview during a packed few days in Hong Kong for the Dior Peking Road boutique opening.

In the interview, Milo talks about how lucky he is to be able to pursue so many interests – photography, acting, directing, producing and so much more – he has ideas about so many things, from fashion to furniture.

“There was a time when I wouldn’t sleep more than three or four hours a night. I would go to work, work out, have hobbies, have a social life, family time, and people were trying to keep up with me. It’s about being cautious with your time.

“You know that the clock is always ticking forward. You can never take it back. You can never go on reverse. You can’t fast forward. You’re exactly where you are at the moment you’re supposed to be. So it’s about embracing that and knowing what you want out of your life, knowing what you want out of the moment.”

– Outtakes > Session #059

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