02 Aug 2009

Exclusive First Look at “Redemption” and Q&A with Tim Kring and the cast of “Heroes.”

The cast and creator of “Heroes” returned to Comic-Con with special guest moderator Blair Butler from G4. At the start of the panel, “Heroes” creator Tim Kring thanked the attendees at Comic-Con for being “faithful and loyal fans.” Kring then set up the clip for a preview of “Heroes Volume 5: Redemption,” in which the Heroes attempt to go back their ordinary lives while dealing with a new group of super-powered individuals who travel together as a carnival.

The trailer depicted Claire in college, Ali Larter’s return as Nikki, Robert Knepper as the seemingly villainous head of the carnival named Samuel, Nathan/Sylar’s struggle with his new found powers and split identity, Matt Parkman haunted by Sylar’s consciousness, Claire’s lesbian kiss, Peter as a paramedic, Noah Bennett critically injured, Nathan’s assassination and subsequent burial in a grave before his eventual rise as Sylar.

Kring insisted that the upcoming season is jam-packed with story and that most of the clips shown come from the first three episodes of the season. The cast members also shared some insights into their upcoming character arcs:

Jack Coleman
Noah thinks that he’s a good guy, but his world and his marriage are falling apart. Because of this, he will feel more and more empathy for people with powers.

Masi Oka
Following up on his season three status, Hiro is diagnosed with a terminal illness and realizes what his true destiny is. He will also lose control of his time travel powers.

Hayden Panittiere
Claire is now a college freshman and becomes friends with an “interesting girl” who catches Claire using her powers.

Adrian Pasdar
Nathan and Sylar are still sharing a body, which will bring a Jekyll and Hyde element to the role.

Zachary Quinto
Sylar exists in two places: one Sylar in Natha’s body and the other Sylar is in Matt Parkman’s head

Milo Ventimiglia
Peter is back as a paramedic again. He is the guy who has seen it all by this point. He also has more of a sense of humor this year.

Robert Knepper
Knepper plays Samuel, the “reluctant ring leader” of the Carnival who is determined to change their lives and he will lure the Heroes into helping him to achieve his goals.

Dawn Olivier
She plays the “tattoo girl,” also known as Lydia. Her tattoos are empathic and will often change shapes on her body. She is reluctantly used to recruit more members for the Carnival family.

Ray Park
Park will play Edgar, a knife thrower at the Carnival. He is sent out into the world by the con and he is often sent by Samuel to do his dirty work.

Madeline Zima
Claire’s “adventurous” friend with who she is seen kissing. She is Claire’s first true friend since she knew Zack back in season one.

Tim Kring pointed out that this is a chance for the show to take off now that they have stripped away the plot elements that “held down the show.” Panettiere said of her “new onscreen girlfriend” that fans will really love them together. Then she immediately realized what she had said and shouted out “NOT LIKE THAT!” as people laughed…

In short, Kring has promised a new direction for the series and said “the best is yet to come.”


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